1Do I have to bring anything to my reading appointment
No, you do not have to bring anything.
2Can I speak to loved ones that passed away
I am a medium but this area i do not touch. You never know if you reach out to ghosts, if you invite the right one or maybe a lost soul.
3What kinds of readings can I get?
I do general psychic reading which include different set of cards. Withing this general psychic reading, you are encouraged to let me know if you have specific questions or topics to be answered.
4What is a psychic tarot reader?
A psychic tarot reader is someone who picks up on your energy when you shuffle the deck of tarot cards. As you shuffle, your energy goes into the cards and the psychic can pick up on your energy. From there, the psychic can tell certain things about your future.
5Can I get my psychic reading done over the phone or via Skype? How does that work?
Yes, you can get your psychic reading done over the phone or via Skype. It works because I need to feel your energy, and I can pick up on it by hearing your voice. The process is similar to how I would conduct a reading in person.
6What kind of topics can you help me with?
I can be your guide for almost anything. This includes: all spiritual matters, love, marriage, wealth and finances, legal battles, health or whatever else you’d like to know about your future.
7What is numerology?
It’s a process I use to gain insight about you. It’s based on the day and the month of your birth. I can tell you what to expect based on all the numbers within a given year.
8How do i book an appointment with you?
You can book an appointment via the website or you can call me under +48 530 916 801
9I am sorry but i need to cancle my appointment?
Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. If cancelled after 24 hours, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 50 PLN. If your cancellation is due to inclement weather, then you can re-book your appointment at no additional cost. To cancel your appointment or re-book, please call +48 530 916 801 or use the online booking system to find a new appointment..
10Can i just drop in for a reading without an appointment?
No, i do not accept walk-in or drop-in readings. However, you can call or text me at +48 530 916 801 to see if I am available for a last minute appointment.
11I still feel a little uncomfortable and have more questions, can I talk to you?
Of course. I am happy to answer your questions. Please use the contact form provided on the website.
12What are destiny cards?
Destiny cards are a regular deck of cards with each of the 52 cards representing the 52 weeks in a year. Everyone has a birthday, and they are born with a card that represents that day.
13Are you going to tell me bad things?
You have free will and yes I could tell you what to look out for or how to best approach it. But only if you want me to do so.
14Can you tell me when I am going to die?
No, it is against the generally accepted but unspoken code of practise.
15How much do you charge for a psychic reading
A psychic reading takes up to 45 minutes and I charge 250 PLN for a normal reading.