Why psychic reading:

Some facts about me and my passion for psychic reading...

Hello my name is Joanna, I was born in Poland in 1977 coming from an old traditional family. The women in our family has been gifted with psychic reading and we took it from generation to generation. I for example was introduced to it by my beloved grandma. My specialisations are Tarot, Lenormand, Numerology and Carma.
I have diplomas in Psychology, Pedagogy, Family and Teenager coaching. Currently I am studying astrology.
I am interested in numerology, astrology, psychology and growing herbs (in our garden).

Psychic reading, how it works and why you should give it a try......

  • Are you sitting at a crossroad and don’t know which road to take?
  • Are you in a crisis situation?
  • Do you have questions but no answers?

If these questions relate to you, then call to me to a tarot reading; I will help you make the right decision.

I am even available as an online fairy (via Skype).

I can give you the opportunity to take advantage of divination if you cannot meet me in person - this is a convenient way to receive advice without leaving your home or if you live abroad.

However, I strongly encourage you to visit me for a personal tarot reading if you can. This form of divination gives you the opportunity to analyse the questions that are puzzling you, as well as to inquire about the issues that will arise during the tarot card oath presentation.

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Fortune telling from Tarot cards has been known and used for centuries

It is a reliable way of seeing the future, and will help you to make the right decisions for you. Prophets can give you a great deal of information about where you live, where you will be, and how your affections, family and financial affairs look.

Tarot readings will also give you answers to questions about the health of you and your loved ones. It is a personal and emotional experience that will help you find the path for you. It can open your eyes, mind and heart to new possibilities, and help you to understand your life at the moment. You can ask the tarot cards very specific questions or look at larger aspects of your life for a more general/open reading. They are not a way to get a yes or no answer but to help guide you through the times in life you need some help with.

They is a window to your higher self. The power of Tarot cards can often be daunting, so you could begin your journey of divination with Angel or Lenormand cards.

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Lenormand card readings are predictions of how life is written for you: your story.

They can reveal to you how your brain, heart and soul are feeling. They can tell you about your worries, opportunities for the future and help you to answer questions that are troubling you:

  • Is the man you gave your affection to as serious about you?
  • Can you become a mother?
  • Can you pay the mortgage off?
  • Will your investment bring you money?
  • Czy tu gdzie zżyjesz spełnisz się jako kobieta?
  • We all need help sometimes but friends and family don’t always know what is truly best for you, but you do and sometimes you just need to clear your mind of opinions and find out what you really feel or what the future really holds. Your future is in your hands and in YOUR cards. .

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