Is he or she the right one?

Why can’t I stop worrying about the future and everything that can go wrong?
November 21, 2017

Is he or she the right one?

We get together for many reasons, and not always the right ones.

  • Inevitably the question comes up… Is he or she the one? Let’s examine essential questions that can help you come to the right answer for yourself.
  • You want to get this right when, even with the best efforts, it often goes wrong.

Let’s try to stack the deck in your favor.


Most of us are attracted to novelty because the mind loves it.

Sexual energy is stirred up by the new: new lips, new hips, new eyes, a new embrace and yes, new sex. So it is often not hard (forgive the pun) to get excited about a new romance. It’s one reason so many fail. People fall in love (including erotic love) with love and not with a person.

  • The key is to be interested in your partner when the sense of newness fades away and intense interest begins.
  • Attraction is of the body AND the mind.

Some people are attracted to partners that make them feel safe, while others are excited by that man or woman that they can never truly have.

As time passes, note whether you remain interested in him or her. For some, relationships transmute into friendships, where sex becomes a bit off-putting, if not incestuous. Even if you love her, try not to settle for this. With the addition of children, the partnership may grow, but not the lust. Without the glue of attraction, your partner may end up looking elsewhere.

Sex should be playful, creative and yet seriously exciting. You have to be able to let go. And, for many, foreplay is the most tender part, holding hands, stroking each other’s hair, feeling the other’s touch…a comfort of body on body.

So, you have been with her for some time. Are you still mad crazy about her body? Do you still want him, and want him again? If so, you have something.

You want to know, if this partner is the potential right one for you? Lets ask the cards together and get some answers.

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